Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Tech-ED On Road" is coming to Ahmedabad!!!

What is Tech-ED?
Tech-ED is a technology education event that focuses on bringing the latest technology innovations to the masses. Microsoft organizes Tech-ED conferences every year in various cities around the world. Technology experts from the industry and from Microsoft Product team will speak on various technology areas during Tech-Ed conferences. There are usually different tracks for IT Professionals and Developers. Tech-ED conference is one of the best opportunities available to an IT professional, develop or student to know about the latest technologies as well as explore the capabilities of the existing technologies.

Tech-ED India 2009
Microsoft organizes Tech-ED conferences in various cities around the world. Tech-ED conference took place in India from 13 to 15 May in Hyderabad. A large number of IT professionals and developers from all over the country attended Tech-ED this year.

Tech-Ed On Road
Hyderabad is the only city where Microsoft could organize a Tech-ED conference in India, this year. India has a very large IT population that is distributed across the different states and only a very small percentage of them could attend Tech-ED India 2009 conference held in Hyderabad between May 13 to 15. To enable the rest of the IT community to attend the Tech-ED event, Microsoft wishes to organize a ‘mini’ version of the tech-ED across 9 cities of India.

Tech-ED on Road will take place across 9 cities in India, in the month of June. Ahmedabad has found its place in the IT map of India and Microsoft Tech-ED on Road will be held in Ahmedabad too. It will be a great opportunity for IT professionals, developers and students to know about the latest technologies from Microsoft, that the world is eagerly waiting for.

Date and Location
The tentative date for Mini-Tech-Ed in Ahmedabad is 20th June 2009. However, the date is subject to change. Keep a watch on this page for the latest updates.

The Agenda of the Event will be published soon. Keep a watch on this page for the Agenda.

Tech-ED will have something to take away for everyone. A technology student might be able to take away a lot of information about what is coming up in the technology world and can tune his/her attention towards it so as to come up very competent when getting out of the college.

An IT professional or developer will certainly gain a lot of in-depth knowledge on the new server products, operating systems and development tools coming from Microsoft and will get a chance to experiment with it much earlier than the rest of the world.

An organization that joins the Tech-Ed team to be an official sponsor of the event will benefit in terms of industry recognition and better visibility in the IT world.

Who is Qualified?
Anyone who is keen on technology and wants to learn about the latest Microsoft technologies can walk in to the tech-ed event. The ideal categories of attendees are IT Professionals, developers and Technology students.

Session Details
Session Details will be published soon. Keep a watch on this page for the updates.

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